Announcements [RS150 / RS201(E)] Update information

30 Jul 2020

Hello, Hi-Fi Rose customers!

We would like to inform you that RS150 / RS201(A) will be updated as followings. New features will be added, so Please enjoy it.

1.Update date: July 30, 2020

2. Applicable models: RS150, RS201(A)

3. Ver info


Ver info


SW Ver

V 3.4 (Rose 3.4.03)

RS201 & RS150

RC for android


ROSE Connect Premium

RC for iOS

V 3.1.6

ROSE Connect Premium

-. Major Additions/Changes

1. Bugs App added

    - Applicable object: RS150 & RS201 / RC (Android & iPhone)

    - This service is only in Korea, because of License. 

    - RC (iPAD) is currently in progress (next version will be added)

2. RS150> Add icon theme

3. CD play screen character set selection option (encode) added

4. Input and output setting UI and function change

    -DSD Mode menu change

    -DSD Mode related popup added

    -Roon Volume Control added (HDMI, USB DAC output added)

5. Improved the phenomenon of not showing the airplay thumbnail


1. Do not turn off the power of Rose during SW update.

Thank you.