[Update Notice] Update notice of RS201 Series & RS150 (Ver. 3.1.01)

15 May 2020

Updated Details

1.Rose Platform 3.0 applied

2. DLNA Background playback added

3. Add user account function

4. TIDAL sorting and full play function added

   a. Added full play and shuffle play functions in View All

   b. Sort function added in MyCollection

   c. Added video Shuffle and Favorite features

5. Added Cloud (FTP / WebDav) function

6. RS150> Change input / output setting UI

7. RC201> System Ver 2.0 restore function added

  - System Ver 3.0> 2.0 restore function added

  - Can be restored by selecting System Settings> Restore RoseOS 2.0

8. Improved DLNA sound source playback and buffering

9. Change VU Meter function

10. Fix network music playback failure error

11. Rose Connect 3.0 Additions / Changes

   a. Input / output function modification

   b. Set and account linking function added

   c. Add friend and playlist management function

   d. Separated from existing RoseConnect

     - App (old): RoseConnect

     - App (Now): RoseConnect Premium