[ROSE APP] Relase VLC Player _ Beta version

24 Dec 2019

Hello? This is Hi-Fi ROSE.

VLC Player Beta version is released as follows, so please refer to the following.

1. Open Date: 2019/12/20 (Fri) PM 19:00

2. How to install: Rosestore-> Update after clicking "Update" of VLC Player

3. Version: Ver.

4. Introduction to VLC Player:

    1) VLC Player is a video player that adds the ability to play video files that do not play due to codecs and extensions in existing video.

    2) How to run VLC Player

         - Home -> Rose Store -> VLC Player update

         -VLC app is not automatically created on home screen after VLC app is installed. So yo uneed to Enable here. "Video-Setup-VLC  

          Enabled (RoseConnent – Setup-Video Setup – VLC on)"

    3) How to recover errors when using VLC Payer:

         -As VLC Payer is Opened SW, it may not be compatible with Rose player.

         -When using VLC Player in RoseConnent, if any content does not play in a specific case, Please stop the playing video, and then retry to start the video you want.

         -If the screen freezes while using VLC Player, we recommend turning off the power and restarting.

 5. Notice: Do not power off Rose during VLC Player update

This release of VLC Player is a Beta version, so we will provide a more stable VLC Palyer through future updates.

Thank you.