[Update Notice] Update notice of RS201 (Ver. 1.2.02)

28 Nov 2019

Dear HiFi ROSE Users!

There is update notice for RS201 for better service. There is a lot new functions, please enjoy them.

Please check the details as followings


-Update date: 2019/11/28 (Thu) PM 14:00

-How to update: Reboot-> Settings-> System Settings-> "Update System"

-Updated version: Ver.1.2.02 (Rose

-Update contents:

 1. Medial Scan and DB renewal (Medial playback full renewal)

  -DB scan required for connected storage devices after SW update.

  -If storage is detected, DB scan popup of media library is displayed.

2. Added Media Library function-"System Settings" and "Folder" of music / video

3. MQA & Audio Service integration player change / AudioService Player routine and Core part renewal

  -Integrated audio service application (Music, Tidal, DLNA, Podcast, Radio)

4. Communication process with Rose Connect (data change, play information, etc.) Refactoring

  -Music, Tidal, Podcast, DLNA, Airplay, BT, Youtube, CD Rip, Roon Ready, Radio)

5. Refactor audio issues when switching between PCM and DSD

  -Change playback logic when crossing sound source

6. Tidal & Roon Ready-MQA Support

7. SW update check-Added OTA check routine every 6 hours.

8. UI Improvements

  -Seek-bar UI change of playback screen

  -50% Mute Pop-up transparency

  -In the sound source list such as playlists (queues), the sound icon is divided into local storage devices and network shared folders

9. Added AOD (Always On Display) function-system setting

10. System Stabilization and Bug fixes



- Precautions -

1. Do not power off Rose during SW update.

2. After the SW update, the audio system is updated so be sure to proceed when pop-up occurs. (1 ~ 2 times)


Thank you.