[Update Notice] Update notice of RS301/350 (Ver. 1.4.01)

28 Nov 2019

Dear HiFi ROSE Users!

There is SW update for RS301/350 for better service. Please check Detailed as followings.

Ver 1.4.01 SW Update Notice


-Update date: 2019/11/28 (Thu) PM 14:00

-How to update: Select Settings-> System Settings-> "Update System"

-Updated version: Ver.1.4.01 (Rose

-Update contents:

  1. Reprocessing communication with Rose Connect (data change, play information, etc.)

2. Add the German region of the clock-weather

3. SW update check function added

4. Factory reset error correction

5. Change the menu order of system settings

6. Improved Vol control delay when playing Airplay on IOS RC

7. Other stabilization work


- Precautions -

1. Do not turn off Rose during SW Update.

2. Please reboot before updating or WiFi on / off.


Thank you.