[Update Notice] Update notice of RS301/350 (Ver. 1.4.00)

28 Nov 2019


Updates have been made to the RS301 and RS350 to add new features and stabilize products.

Please refer to the details below and proceed with the update.

Update date : 2019. 09. 09

RS301, RS350 SW Ver 1.4.00-Update Release Note

-. RS301, RS350 function removed

1. Remove YouTube "Dial Service" feature

2. Delete the source filter function in the music, video settings

-. RS301, RS350 New / Changed Features

1.UI change – Change Back-ground Color as black

2. Add rose store function (Independent update function of App such as Rose tube, Tidal, Podcast)

3. Tidal play support

4. Change OTA Scenario

-When there is a new SW, OTA message popup is displayed every 6 hours intervals.

-OTA message popup when power on.

5. Change Media Scanning UI

6. Language-Add Italy, France, etc.

-. RS301, RS350 error improvement and stabilization

1. Rose Tube

  1. Improvement of app termination issue when searching

  2. Improvement of slow loading due to loading failure when playing Rosetube

  3. Improvement when closing the play icon on the play screen

  4. Improvement of app stop error when entering subscription screen

2. Fixed issue when moving to main after wifi on

3. Improved the phenomenon that the list is not updated in the music main screen when connecting the storage device

4. Improved playback error when there is folder with contents in folder in music / video

5. Improved Pause phenomenon when removing / attaching aux terminal during Tidal playback

6. Fixed the problem that can not be connected when trying to connect to another AP saved in Wifi

7. Improved app termination when playing certain video

8. Shuffle mode after playing music on? Fixed an error that caused other music to play when selecting sound source

-. Rose Connect for IOS (V 0.90830)

1. Add rose tube search query function

2. Add Radio Search

3. Miner bug fixes

Thank you.