[Update Notice] Update notice of RS201 (Ver. 1.1.12)

28 Nov 2019


Updated to add new features and stabilize products to RS201. Please refer to the details below and proceed with the update. Thank you.

Update date : 2019. 07. 16 

RS201 SW Ver 1.1.12-Update Release Note

-. Delete RS201 feature

    1. Remove YouTube "Dial Service" 

    (Instead of “Dial Service”, provide new feature of sharing YouTube playlist with Rose Connect app. See item 4 for detail)


-. RS201 New / Changed Function

    1. Function integration and optical output setting function added.

        a. Change to "External Input"-> "Input / Output Settings" in Home Menu.

            : Input setting (Optical, Line IN), Output setting (Output setting change function such as Internal DAC, HDMI)

        b. Optical output setting function (Home I/O setting-Internal DAC-Optical output setting can be changed)

             : Change Word Length and Sampling Frequency-Function to Change Optical TX Setting Value

    2. Notice - Change the "N" icon to "flash" when a new notice is received.

    3. BT RCU - Implement the playback control function by supporting the TIDAL (playback, previous track, next track)

    4. YouTube sharing function added (Android Rose connect only/ IOS will be supported soon)

        : Youtube on the phone => Click the "menu" or "Share" button when playing the content and select the "Hifi ROSE" 


          -> The Rose Connect app will launch, add to the playlist in Rose connect,

          -> Select and play the content or click the "menu" of the content to add it to the playlist and play it.


 -. RS201 error improvement and stabilization

    1. Improved video playback error - If you have a mix of video lists and folders

        a. The playback of other videos during playback, and

        b. Improved app death when clicking the last video list

    2. Roon Ready

        a. Fixed intermittent thumbnail images between RS201 and TV during Roon playback

        b. Fixed a bug where the artist name of the song being played was long

        c. Improved intermittent disappearance of large images

    3. Tidal

        a. Improved the phenomenon of Pause when Optical input is on / off at Optical IN terminal

        b. Thumbnail changes when adding a song to the end of a cue during Tydal playback

        c. If the artist name is long, the song name and artist name overlap in the playlist.

    4. Podcast

        a. App termination when clicking a podcast subscription

    5. Audio Output Settings-Fixed the problem where certain USB DACs are hidden.

    6. Bluetooth compatibility-Improved the phenomenon that BT connection with LG Prejector is not possible.

    7. Rose Connect-Improved resolution of intermittent HDMI resolution on the remote control pad.


-. Rose connect for Android-update release note

    1.Additional metadata editing function (Rose Connect only)

    2. Added related search function when searching in Rose tube

    3. Fixed the problem that the number of "My playlist" is not correct after logging in Tidal.

    4. Add "Repeat / shuffle" function to Tidal play screen

    5. Added YouTube sharing function-Rose connect only

    6. Others: System Stabilization and Bug fixes


-. Rose Connect for IOS-update Release note

   1.Additional metadata editing function (Rose Connect only)

   2. Quick Scroll function and UI change

   3. Change HDMI resolution and add clock button to remote controller pad