[Update Notice] Update notice of RS201 (Ver. 1.1.11)

28 Nov 2019

Dear HiFi ROSE Users.

Updated to add new features and stabilize products to RS201. Please refer to the details below and proceed with the update. Thank you.

Update date : 2019. 06. 26

-. New Functions -

1. DLNA: Flac playback support

2. Roon Ready support

3. Audio output support (DSD is not supported yet)

- HDMI audio output

- External USB DAC support (DSD not supported, DOP will be supported in the next update later)

4. Rose connect

- Metadata editing function for each sound source in music

- Added related query function when searching in Rose tube.

5.UI change: HDMI (TV) UI change by function such as music, radio, rose tube

6.Icon Add: Add a storage device icon of the song being played on the music playback screen

-. Major Issues Bug Fixed


- No BT disconnect when Tidal playing

- Issues that duration value cannot be changed during BT play

- Play icon does not change when playing & pause in Rose connect during BT playback

2.DLNA flac support

Bugs Music: Due to issues with the Bugs app itself, there is a pause or interruption during playback.

3. Rosetube

Skip during Rosetube playback

Playback is slow when loading fails during Rosetube playback

Rosetube playback-> TV on-> Intermittent resolution change

Rosetube playback-> Previous song title is shown at the top when next song is played

• Rosetube playback-> TV screen goes unnaturally when playing next song

Intermittent screen flickering while playing with Rosetube-> TV on mode

Rosetube – Very intermittent freezes during 4K playback


The resolution information is not displayed on the desktop.

Twisting the HDMI screen image during radio playback

UI changes (music, radio, rose tube, etc.)

• Clear 720 resolution.


Pause while moving to the next content intermittently during dual screen (TV on mode) playback

Video playback – icon not intermittently changed during Play & Pause

• Music-List update when USB is inserted from folder (& Rose connect)

: List cannot be updated when a storage device is connected

• Screen flickers during Play & Pause on the music playback screen.

• Flickering when thumbnails are the same during music playback.

7.Audio MCU Update

Improved noise generation in optical in mode

8.Media scan

• Media scan UI changes and stabilization.


The keyboard and function behind the mute popup (icon) cannot be clicked

Standby mode when Preout is set, mute phenomenon


• App hangs when playing podcasts on Rose connect when network is slow


Fixed the keyboard display when the input window is open

12.Rose connect

• Play music – Phenomenon that repeat / shuffle does not change when paused

• After logging in to the tire – The number of playlist list is not correct.

• Play icon does not change when you click Play & Pause during radio playback.