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5 Feb 2021

- Model : RS150 / RS201

- Ver info


Ver info


SW Ver

v3.7 (Rose 3.7.08)

RS150 & RS201


v2.0.25(M) / v2.0.37(A)


v2.1.7(M) / v2.3.23(A)


RC for android


ROSE Connect Premium

RC for iOS


ROSE Connect Premium

SW Ver 3.7 Update Notice

- Update Date: 2021/02/04 (Thurs) PM 05:00
- Update Method : Setting -> System Information -> Click “Update” and update the system
- Updated version: Ver 3.7 (Rose OS 3.7.08)
- RoseConnectPremium for Android : Ver
- RoseConnectPremium for iOS : Ver 3.03.01
- Applied model: RS150/RS201
- Update Contents:
1. Qobuz InApp (Waiting for authentication)
* You can use the service after the final authentication is completed. (A separate notice will be announced when the authentication is completed.)
2. Tidal Menu Revision
- Tidal Caching Function has been added
- Tidal PlayList Menu (Playlist By TIDAL / My PlayList) Separation
3. Radio Channel EPG provided
- Information may not be displayed depending on the channel.
4. Spotify Connect(RS201)
5. EQ (5band / RS201) Added
6. Setting Menu Revision
- Always On Display has been added on the Menu (Display)
- Playback Information Large View has been added on the Menu (Display)
- VU Mode Setting Menu added (Display)
- Alarm has been moved to “Region & Time” on setting menu
- Weather region has been moved to “Region & Time” on setting menu
7. RC Additions/Modifications
- Rose Tube > User Picks Menu Added (Android)
- Music > Signal Path Added (Android)
-Tidal> My Mix and Visual Album support

-Tidal PlayList menu Separation (Playlist By TIDAL / My PlayList)

8. MCU Modifications/Changes

-RS150: Improved the symptom of no relay switching sound when input/output setting/analog output On<->Off.

-RS201: Improved to output sound faster by shortening the locking time in Optical In.

9. System stabilization

- Cautions -
1. Do not turn off the power during SW update.
2. After the SW update, the audio system will be updated, so be sure to proceed when a pop-up occurs. (1~2 times)
3. Qobuz InApp has been completed, but it is currently waiting for final authentication to be completed.
- Login/service is not available at this time, and the timing of completion of final authentication & service availability will be announced separately.
4. We are checking the system that the login in the Tidal App of “RS150/RS201” is not working.
- Currently, You cannot login to Tidal App of “RS150/RS201”, but you can log in from RC.
- You can use Tidal service after RC login, so please be aware of this.