RS150[RS150/RS201] RoseConnect for PC (ver 3.7.10 BETA) (for Windows)

8 Mar 2021
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Hello, this is HiFiRose.

We distribute RoseConnect for PC for RS201/RS150 users. (For Windows) (BETA version)

--- Program information ---

-Applicable models: RS201, RS150 RoseConnect for PC

-Applicable version: Ver 3.7.10 (210305)

-Major updates

1. Rose Tube

-Menu change: RoseTube Top 10> RoseTube Best (Changed from 10 lists to 100)

2. Tidal

-Automatic login improvement by applying refresh token

3. Qobuz login and playable

4. Setting

A. Changes to power-on pop-up in sleep mode

B. Changed to make it impossible to enter VU mode when playing video

C. RS150> I/O setting function added

-RS201: USB, HDMI, INPUT, OPTOUT, AMP/PREAMP menu available

-RS150: USB, HDMI, INPUT, OUTPUT Setting1, OUTPUT Setting2 available

-In the case of I/O settings, I/O can be changed, but detailed settings are currently being implemented, so there may be some restrictions on use.

(It will be announced separately when the function is implemented in the future.)

[Precautions for program installation]

Update version: Ver 3.7.10

Click the link above to download it, extract it, and install it.

Thank you.

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