Programs for WIN/MACRoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.7.06) (Win/MAC)

7 Sep 2023
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RoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.7.06) (Win/MAC)

Download for MAC

Download for Windows

- Update Date: 08/10/23 (Thurs) PM 3:00 (GMT +9)

- Model: RS201, RS250(A), RS150(B), RS520, RS130

- Device compatibility version information: SW Ver. v4.7

- Version information: PC Ver. v4.7.06 (Win/MAC)

1. System stabilization and improvement

A. Network

- Added a pop-up to select a network first when searching for a device when there are multiple networks in the PC and device (My IP Setet)

- Changed the bottom play player design in standby mode (changed for button and play bar standby mode)

- After connecting the device, fixed a crash that occurs when running RoseConnect PC in a state where the network is different


B. System stabilization and improvement

- Fixed a problem where thumbnails were not displayed in the sound source list after adding a network folder from "Music"

- Fixed a problem where some of the All/Shuffle play buttons on the subscription page were cut off in Rose Tube

- Fixed a problem where crashes occur intermittently when logging in to Qobuz app

- Fixed the problem that when drag and drop the Mix content list on YouTube, the refresh phenomenon continued to occur on the entire playback screen and the playback time was displayed incorrectly

- Fixed a problem where the photo editing pop-up text was displayed incorrectly in Edit My Information

- Fixed the problem that the number of selected songs was incorrectly displayed when deselecting all in the delete mode in Total Queue and selecting all again

C. Others

- Fixed an issue in the profile editing where the popup message for photo editing was displayed incorrectly.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Delete mode, where after deselecting all and then selecting all again, the incorrect number of selected songs was displayed.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Integrated Queue App tab (excluding All) where more than 3000 songs were being registered and displayed.

- Fixed the intermittent issue in the Integrated Queue where, when there were many items in the queue, occasionally an automatic switch to the ALL tab occurred when navigating.

- Fixed the issue in the Integrated Queue > Bugs Video list where the "FULL HD" image and text were misaligned.

- Fixed the issue in the Image View within an album, where the cover image was not fitting properly in the popup.

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