Updates and news RoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.4.4) (Win/MAC)

20 Jan 2023
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RoseConnect PC Ver.4.4.4 Update

You can download the PC programs here.

Click here for MAC

Click here for Windows


- Update Date:** 01/19/23 (Thurs) PM 6:00 (GMT +9)

- model:** RS201, RS250(A), RS150(B), RS520

- Device compatibility version information:** SW Ver. v4.4 (RS201/RS250/RS150/RS520)

- Version information:** PC Ver. v4.4.4 (Win/MAC)

System Stabilization and Improvements

1. Added function

A. Recently Played Artist Menu Added

- Recently Played Artist Menu added to Rose Home, Tidal, Qobuz Home

- You can check the artists of the songs you have recently listened to, such as tracks and albums, in the Recently Played Artists menu on the home screen.

B. Recently Played - Edit and Delete function added

- Recently played tracks, albums, playlists, artists, rose tube list editing (select list, delete, delete all) function added

- You can delete the list through the delete button on the top right of the Recently Played View All page (View All).

2. System stabilization and improvement

- (19) icon added for adult sound tracks in TIDAL, Qobuz

- Fixed crash: TIDAL > MY TIDAL

- Fixed a problem where the list was not displayed when dragging and dropping after Tidal Video Share Link

- Fixed a problem where the remote control function did not work when the remote controller > VU mode button was selected during Rose Tube playback

- Changed so that only the channel name is displayed on the Rose Tube > Subscribe page

- Fixed a problem where My playlist thumbnail view editing function did not work in Rosetube > My Rosetube

- Fixed a problem where the progress buttons (Next, Quit) were not displayed when Connect was installed on the sub monitor instead of the main monitor

- Fixed a problem where the pre-out level setting display in RS520 > Settings > Input/Output Settings was only displayed as 6500mv.

- Modified to enable music and video cloud registration and playback

- Fixed an issue where the channel information was displayed incorrectly in the player at the bottom when playing the Rose radio channel

- Remote Control > Fixed a crash that occurs when power is turned off and standby mode is released

- Fixed the issue that crash occurs without re-execution when system language is changed

- Fixed a crash that occurs when entering View All of the most recently played track after entering View All of another menu

- Fixed the problem that the logo in front of the track name was not displayed in the lower playback player when playing via RoonReady or SpotifyConnect

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