Programs for WIN/MACRoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.4) (Win/MAC)

27 Dec 2022
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You can download the PC programs here.

Click here for MAC

Click here for Windows

System Stabilization and Improvements

December 26, 2022 update (build 4.4.0)

- Update Date: 2022/12/26 (Mon) PM 6:00 (GMT +9)

- Control model : RS201(A), RS250, RS150(B), RS520

- Device compatibility version information: SW Ver. v4.4 (RS201/RS250/RS150/RS520)

- Version information: PC Ver. v4.4.0 (Win/MAC)

1. Add function

A. Favorite Artists

  • You can add artist in Tidal/Qobuz service to Favorites
  • If you heart your favorite artists, you can check it in the Favorites menu on the home screen.
  • Artists of recent album and tracks will be added to the next update.

B. History Menu added (My Most Listened, Dec ~ Jan)

  • My Most Listened: Displays the most listened list for a year
  • Dec ~ Jan 2022 : Display the most listened list for each month in the last 12 months

C. Recommendation Album

  • Added a menu that recommends albums registered in the library.
  • We recommend random albums classified by filter (File Type, Bit, Sampling Rate).
  • You can renew recommended albums when reloading (refresh button).

2. System stabilization and improvement

  • Change playlist UI and add edit menu

  • Improved to react a little faster in the integrated queue

  • Modified to display the InApp icon on the album thumbnail

  • Added function to create/add/change playlists in Music

  • The design of the artist detail view page has been changed, and it has been improved to view the artist’s information in detail.

  • Fixed an issue where the button movement does not work normally when the TV (HDMI) ON/OFF button is clicked when the TV (HDMI) is not connected

  • Fixed a problem with different designs in Music > Category (All Songs), and corrected to set and mark like hearts normally

  • Improvements to display all music tracks and album titles even if they are long

  • Fixed a problem where registered images did not appear normally on the music home, category, and album details pages.

  • Fixed a problem where shuffle play did not work when playing tracks in music storage devices and network folders

  • Fixed Tidal cache files not being displayed in the music folder

  • Fixed the issue that the three-dot menu (playback option) did not work on the video detail view page

  • Fixed a problem where the TV (HDMI) ON/OFF button is not displayed on the entire playback screen during video playback

  • Fixed an issue where the screen moved to the top when selecting the previous page after viewing details on the Tidal > My Tidal View All page

  • Modified the More page in Tidal > My Tidal page to work properly

  • Added play/shuffle function in Tidal > My Tidal > Track/Video View All page

  • Fixed the issue that was played live when playing through the three-dot menu (playback option) in Rosetube related content

  • Added unlock function in Rosetube cache list

  • Fixed a problem where paging did not work after entering the Rosetube subscription

  • Fixed a crash that occurs when entering By the same artist in Qobuz album

  • Fixed a problem where only 30 songs were played when playing after entering Tidal/Rose Tube > My Music View All

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