Programs for WIN/MACRoseConnect PC (Ver. 4.2.0) (Win/MAC)

22 Jul 2022
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Dear ROSE users,

New version of RoseConnect for MAC and Windows are released.

It's compatible with current ROSE device version - 4.2.21.

- Compatible with: RS150(B), RS250, RS201E  (SW Ver.4.2.21)

- Version Info: PC Ver.4.2.0 (MAC/Win)

- Download: 

Rose_Connect (MAC) ver 4.2.0


Rose_Connect (WINDOWS) ver 4.2.0



- You can use ROSE RADIO in PC version.

- Recent played, Favorites are added.

- You can search and sort by genre, country, language within the radio search results.

2. Added Apple Music

- Integrated queue, recent played track/album/playlist is added.

- All login and main categories are currently under development and will be added in next update.

3. Added caching for ROSETUBE and lock/unlock

- My Rosetube > Cache contents menu and contents lock/unlock is added.

- The unlock function is provided only for content that has been cached, and when applied, the cached list cannot be deleted due to excess capacity.

- The issue that the lower area is cut off when an image is included in the content name of the ROSETUBE has been fixed.


- The Queue list loading speed has been improved.

- The issue that album name and playback time is overlapped has been fixed.

- The issue hat the thumbnail play/three dot menu icon was not displayed from Page 2 in **Rose Home > Recently played Album > View All** has been fixed.

- The issue in which information is displayed differently from the media option item item selected in the **Favorite sort option** has been fixed.

- Fixed the issue that only 20 playlists are displayed in Favorites.

- The number of playlists in User Picks has been modified to display correctly.

- Fixed the issue that the program ends when deleting the entire integrated queue.

- The issue that the sound source/video playback time in the integrated queue was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

- The recently played track has been modified so that the Rose Tube is not included.

5. Music

- Fixed the issue where the program was terminated when additional lists were loaded in the album tab.

- The issue that the list was not displayed when moving back to the genre after moving the genre, artist, composer order in the Category tab has been fixed.

- The issue that the list was not displayed when there were many albums after selecting a genre in the Category tab has been fixed.

- The issue that the number of tracks on the artist detail view page in the Category tab was not displayed properly has been fixed.

- The issue that previous artist's tracks were displayed when going to the track detail view page of the Category tab has been fixed.

6. Podcast

- Modified so that all subscription icons and texts are displayed on the channel detail view page.

- The pop-up menu has been changed to display when subscribing or canceling subscriptions on the channel detail view page.

- The phenomenon that subscription information was not displayed when re-subscribing after canceling all subscriptions in the Subscriptions tab has been fixed.

7. Qobuz

- Fixed the issue where the program would close intermittently w8hen applying a filter on the Home/Navigation page.


8. Others

- The issue that the program is terminated when opening a playlist while entering the settings has been fixed.

- The issue  that the currently playing track focus is additionally displayed when changing the playlist after the first sound/video playback has been fixed.

- If there are no search results, the same message is displayed in all tabs.

- Fixed the issue where the search term remained in the search bar when changing items after searching.

- Modified so that recent searches and recommended searches are displayed during search operation.

- If there are two or more Rose devices, the phenomenon that the message of the previous device is output when changing the device has been fixed.

Please reboot the RoseConnect PC APP, you will see up

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