RS150 Distributing RoseConnect for Windows PC and MAC (Ver 4.1.0 Beta)

18 Mar 2022
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We distribute the RoseConnect installer (Ver 4.1.0 Beta) for Windows PC and MAC.

Currently, RoseConnect for Win/MAC PC is under development, so some functions are limited in use.

In addition, the lack of stability testing may cause malfunctions or program suspension during use.

There are many opinions from users that 'It would be nice to be able to use the Rose device in a PC environment', but there is a lack

We ask for your understanding as we are distributing the program under development as a beta version.

If you send feedback about errors and suggestions while using it, we will reflect it in development.

It is still a bit lacking compared to RoseConnect for other OS, but we will do our best to stabilize and update.

- Control model: RS201, RS250, RS150

- Applied version: Ver 4.1.0 Beta ( for PC & Mac )

- Download :

Rose_Connect Windows ver 4.1.0

Rose_Connect   mac ver 4.1.0

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