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GeneralConnecting to Rose Server

14 Mar 2022
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I have recently purchased the RS250 and I am having significant difficulties setting it up. Using Ethernet connection (WiFi to TPLink extender to Ethernet port in RS250) I managed to set up the Tidal account, I installed and copied music to an internal SSD drive, connected to NAS, but I COULD NOT connect to Rose server to get an upgrade or sign in using the app. I used my Iphone as Hotspot (LTE, tethering) and it turned out that the RS250 gets connected to Rose server, so the issue is definitely some settings of my home network. I have been using it for a long time, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Bluesond Node - there were no issues whatsoever. Could you please specify what I should do to use my current WiFi network AND get  the RS250 connected to the Rose server?

BTW: community.roseaudio.kr will not load either using my wifi, it says connection timed out, but I can load it using LTE on my phone.

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