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GeneralNew SW 3.7.08

KC Fung
7 Feb 2021
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I just want to report that I did encounter difficulties in upgrading to Rose SW 3.7 from 3.6. After the download, it hanged at displaying the message "Checking the package. The Device is going to reboot" for a long time. Even if I powered off and powered on the device did not resolve the situation. I've tried 3 times and eventually I reset the RS201 to factory condition then I can successfully installed the upgrade. I need to re-scan the library (which is OK).

But I must say I'm satisfied with this upgrade so far. The Spotify connect is very good. Also good (but not in the release note) is that Roon now works with the RS201 and can select it as an output. This is great. I would like to know if it is possible and advised to use Roon to read the music library from the RS201 internal SSD and play back to the RS201? At this stage, I still think Roon has better user interface and functions in the UI than the Rose.

I also found that when playing from its internal music library, the issue of having a "click" sound during song transition still exists sometimes (in particular for hi resolution music format) which is annoying. Hope Rose can fix this issue.

Also, when searching for a singer. Supposed it finds 6 albums, I expect I can have a view to see all the albums to select a particular album rather than put all the albums and songs under one icon. This is something to be enhanced also.

But overall, this is still a very good piece of equipment and I hope it can continually enhance through version upgrade. One particular feature I want to request is random play of the songs from music library, something similar to the Roon Radio. Thanks.

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