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GeneralGot my RS201 in record time- Thanks! I have Questions

11 Mar 2021
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Hi! Thanks for the blisteringly fast shipping. I just installed a 2TB SSD. I will have questions that I believe many will have and will post them here. I downloaded the detailed owners manual and have read it but am confused about a couple of things, some things are more network and will check on Apple sites but here is the first...1 In the manual you use the word "scan" and "storage" it is not clear, does that mean for instance when I connect a USB drive with media on it and select scan it will store on the SSD I just installed? The structure of the tree is a bit daunting as I am a MAC user and this reminds me more of Windows/DOS in many ways. Second, is there an easier way to " rip" my media to my 2TB internal drive? Third, does the VU meter only work off music files stored and not other sources? other than the app how do you activate the VU function? In a video someone was touching the screen but the manual makes no mention of the VU meters. Thanks! It looks amazing if a bit more complex that I anticipated.
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