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GeneralFirmware update not working....need usb version before xmas pls

25 Dec 2021
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Software update doesnt work.
Tried other internet connection.
When Downloading the remaining time stays on 0s
After a while it says “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT” and it seems to stop the process.

The problem is that Tidal now says my software is too old…, so I can’t use Tidal.

I did a reboot and factory reset, but same problem.

I tried again, same messages and now I have “Checking the package. The device is going to reboot” on the screen. But that is there now for more than 30 minutes.

What to do? Do you have an USB version I can use to update the unit?

Small side note: I have Qobuz and Tidal. Qobuz only worked for a couple of hours on my ROSE150B… Never again after that…i do get the song I select, but a circle starts rotating around the play symbol, but it will never start playing. It does this when my output is on USB or and Balanced. Same story. I hope this is fixed in this update, if the update will work at all.

A bit of advice; don’t release an update just before christmas that can potentially run the unit useless.

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