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GeneralNew RS250 with buzzing / distortion noise issues

18 Feb 2022
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Hi there,

 I just received the HIFi Rose RS250 streamer yesterday,  straight out from the box,  I connected  the power and went through the basic setup.  When I plugged in my headphone to the unit without playing any music,  all I can hear is the buzzing / distortion noise.   Why is that?   When I play music through Tidal,  some quiet music like Piano solo, I can hear the buzzing / distortion mix with the music.  

When playing through my speaker, its the same. This time I mute the music and turn the volume knob to the max, the distortion is loud from both speakers.

My previous streamer Lumin was dead quiet.   Did they send me a defective unit ?

Is there a fix or settings I am missing?

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