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GeneralRs150 main problem

9 Jun 2021
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I m exiting user for RS150 . but seem that many bugs no improve in the new firmware 

Is it the hardware problem, cannot fix in firmware.  

I cannot accept using this expensive machine is poor experience  than I use a cheap Logitech LMS with a

cheaper Rasberry RPI3  , Pls try to fix it , otherwise you will lose many customer .

1. USB Out to DAC    when change songs have "Spark" noise --- very annoying 

2. Not fixed Volume in USB out to DAC  ---not use friendly 

3. Rose APPS     no Artist  +Album (only can select Artist or Album)---   not user friendly 

4. No EQ function for AK Chips , (other brand have some EQ or filter setting)  

5. When Play DSD or DSF file ,   UV meter will not function , only play FLAC ,WAV ,  MP3 etc  is function  

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