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GeneralDigital Output Bypasses DAC?

9 May 2022
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Hi Roseloa, 

if I use the Optical output (to my active speakers Dynaudio Xeo6 via the "connect" hub) does it bypass the internal DAC of the RS201? Same question with USB output. I would have thought so. 

Then if I don't want to bypass the internal DAC and send to my active speakers, what port can I use to the "connect" hub ? There is no line output. 

I want to really hear the quality of the DAC in the RS201. I tried external DACs (Astell&Kern SR25 and even Fiio Q1 Mark II) and it sounded better, but before that was I really hearing the internal DAC while outputing through optical? Or only the DSP of my active speakers...?

Thank in advance


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