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Generalthe pre out output remains blocked on hdmi and I cannot use the xlr outputs

14 Feb 2021
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excuse me but it's very very very long, could you please find a solution qucikly because it doesntt work !!!



Hello to all the team, very important, there is a big buf since the last update, the outputs out remain on hdmi, except for me I use the pre out xlr outputs and impossible to use them, when I press on the interface, a message tells me "do you want to use the internal dac" I press yes and nothing happens. Conclusion, I can no longer listen to music since I only use the xlr outputs with the internal dac. In addition, impossible to connect to Qobuz but it is less serious. Can you deal with my request urgently, it is very frustrating! cordially

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HifiRose9 Feb 2021 13:50
Hello, this is HiFiRose.

[HDMI problem]
1. Would you please tell me your Serial Number?
It's on the back of the RS150, nearby ethernet.
It starts with ESL or EBK.

2. Does it happen even when you reboot?

Also, about Qobuz, as we notified, you can use the Qobuz after the final authentication is completed.
We are waiting for final reply from Qobuz.
(A separate notice will be announced when the authentication is completed.)
It won't take too long.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you.

naud11 Feb 2021 02:20
Hello to all the team
First I want to tell you that it's a pleasure to see a team that cares about customers, that changes some brands.
Indeed I think there is a real problem I have tried everything with an external USB dac for example, nothing to do the output remains blocked only on hdmi even though I am not using it. If you can intervene remotely, I will be extremely grateful to you.
The serial number is EBK005BB000005
I have tried remote debugging but nothing helps. I repeat that this problem occurred after the last update.
For information, my ros rs150 is connected to my mcintosh6700 integrated amp by xlr cables and it worked beautifully before.
thank you for everything


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