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GeneralInternet radio / Tune In / Spotify

7 Aug 2021
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I have a simple Advance Acoustic streamer from 150€ and it plays every radio station i want , they are available to select in a list. I can search even on genre if i want. i can chose between TuneIn and Internet Radio......

On the Rose i can chose Belgium and i get 7 stations , i didn't knew these before and that's all i get. When i do a search on for example " VRT Radio" it doesn't recognize this , zero found. I don't get a list with the Belgium stations to chose like on a streamer from 150€ .

Maybe i do something wrong but selling the RS150 like this to a customer will be a difficult job...

Does the Rose use Tune In or something simulair ?

When running Spotify -> no VU meters ?


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