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GeneralDSD options through I2S

3 Sep 2022
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If I use USB connection to my DAC (Rockna Wavelight) I have no problems playing DSD. It plays well and my DAC recognizes the music as DSD. THe setting selected for the USB for DSD playback is DSD over PCM.

When connecting over to I2S there is not a DSD over PCM option. Only Native DSD which is not supported, DSD over PCM (up to DSD64) and DSD to PCM (up to DSD128). THe problem is none of these options will actually output DSD. If I choose DSD over PCM (up to DSD64) as my selection….my DSD files output in 88K. If I choose DSD to PCM (up to DSD128) as my selection…my DAC says the output is 176K but no sound comes out. The DSD over PCM option that is there for the USB which works is not a option via I2S. What can I do play DSD over I2S? 

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