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RoseConnectERROR on signup - does not let me signup for using APP

21 Jun 2022
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so i did purchase the Hifirose RS150B - i did manage to connect TIDAL - which is besides to SPOTIFY the only way i can play music (which sounds fantastic btw)


There is pretty annoying BUG - does not let me signup at the ROSE PREMIUM APP for my account name, which turns out - is needed 

to use any of the other apps (ROSETUBE, RADIO, PODCAST....)


I contacted Rose Support - and support is telling me about that MY SERVER would be not able to connect!? 

After me explaining to them/him/support - that its not my server but THEIR SERVER error: "api.roseaudio.kr took too long to respond" 

Their support further claims, that they would  see my account verified and that i could now login with my credentials!?


I explained again, that i never managed to signup an account - since their registration process - does not work and comes with a constant Signup error - provided as well several screenshots over that - tried as well to signup with various IPS (VPN) but nothing would allow me to signup. SO i asked them to please provide me with my login credentials - so i would be able to login....

I am waiting now for those credentials so i hopefully can login!

Normally would not go public with this - but since we pay top dollar for that device - i think we deserve to use that product

without any limitations and with having ZERO trouble to signup and getting the support to have it sorted.

Really hope this gets sorted soon - since i am losing patience!


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