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General[RS201] remote controller and touch screen can't work

2 Jun 2020
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Hello ~

I bought RS-201 half year ago. last two weeks, I find my RS201 have some problem. The remote controller and touch screen can't work after RS201 power on. And after power on, the screen will show there is a new software version need to be updated (current version is 1.2.08, and new version is 3.0.xx). But  I can't update it with my remote controller now.

I found I still can use the android app "roseconnect" to connect RS201. But there is no option in this app to update the RS201 software version. And the remote menu in the app don't have arrow key and "ok/confirm" key to control the RS201 through network. 

Is there any to update the RS-201 software under this condition ?    Thanks you ~

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